Web Design for Everyone
A books series for beginners & non-developers
About This Book Series
This is a complete set of books that cover the basics of web design in 6 major aspects, as you see above we cover all these topics which are the main core languages and tools that you will need to learn web design and to create your first website.

This series of books was written for the beginners and non-developer or designer, suitable for school students, college student, university students and the most important people with no computer science background, who would like to know what is a website create from and need to know how to build their own website for their own small business or personal website.

Emad Zedan covered all the needed information to create your first website, but he did not cover the full documentation of any programming language or tool such as Photoshop, because every topic has much more of the advanced subjects which are not covered in this series of books but it is recommended to read all these books if you are starting your way in the web design field.